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My 7 & 1/2 years wasted, dissapointed & waiting on end now which is coming soon.


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My 7 & 1/2 years wasted relationship- An ex-boyfriend who ruined his


life and wouldn't stop, wouldn't change his life & didn't leave mine,


he wasn't normally a violent person but just has now & then done


things like kicked me so hard my leg, arm, etc. was bruised, doing


things I begged him not to do & that he is paying for now while


stealing my car daily, the cars finally got taken away from me when


the police impounded 2 of my vehicles and also searched my apt.


because of him. I'm now car-less, a year later still, my former


lifestyle has been completely trashed. Before I've tried changing


locks, I have gotten restraining orders and gone to court about


issues with him in the past, but now if there's one more penalties


against him it'll be jail-time one year minimum for him. Making me


wonder if there were any big problem to occur that was extremely


serious, could i take a stand and inform any future incident to


police or a lawyer even though i do know that automatically means he


will get a year in jail because of violating probation ? I don't


think I could do that. Hopefully, I'm sure nothing will happen involving me


before he gets sent away for his criminal cases soon.

Obviously he has good qualities and we have been more then somewhat


compatible at most times for the relationship to have lasted so long.


But now it's harder then ever after everything horrible that


happened, having nothing in common really at all, & not liking the


same things, people or places. It's sad to me that the years I


invested in the relationship feel wasted and pointless but I tried


very hard & it isn't my fault he did'nt change or that he is so


miserable with the life choices that he insisted on stupidly making.


I guess I need to let it go, give up, stop & move on but it is hard


to break a bad or good habit. Right now I'm not having any of my


usual motivation to help fix things between us at all or even trying


to keep a positive mood up is really almost impossible while being


near him.


But it turns out you never really know whats going on with a person


who chooses to be loser & has nothing but a scumbag life & wants no


future. Because while I was waiting for him to get out of court


recently & I was in the courthouse bathroom, he had gotten out & gone


to the car with his sister and her boyfriend & he stole some of my


medication also even gave one away, while saying behind my back that


I deserved it since I had made him wait. When I noticed, he blamed


it on someone else & acted innocent. I only found out the truth &


became aware during the next day when his sister informed me of this


happening quietly. It's completely shocking & out of nowhere,


something he has never done anything like to me ever before & what I


had always thought he was incapable of doing anything like, to me at


least, especially at time when we were not fighting & for no reason.


It has now been about 5 days since that happened, and he only just


last night confessed and admitted to doing it, but did so rudely &


still has not apologized at all.

I really dunno what to do now in the meantime & I hate to say that


I am now basically almost just looking forward to when he is gone &


locked up. He is supposed to be going back to jail soon now & this


time he believes that it will be much longer stay than when he went


for a few months only during the first time. I keep Waiting each day


for an end which is coming that will be both Seriously Sad now & yet


Realistically Good later.

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