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Workplace colleague..advice please? :(


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Good day all, I have a problem. Since new year me and a work colleague have gotten closer and friendlier. I really really like her and want to ask her to be my gf. We have been on a few friend dates to bars and spent days at the beach. She does show signs of being flirtacious and I suppose I do aswell, however I'm bad at picking up / interpreting signals.


Now being work mates this could backfire if she rejects me. If that's the case, I really don't want her to feel uncomfortable at work or feel weird around me, or that we couldn't be friends as we have been this year. I would rather be her friend than nothing at all but I can see me being a complete wreck if she finds a boyfriend soon.


Her intentions are to find a bf and marry within a year or two, she has stressed to me that would be with someone she is friends with beforehand, so maybe I have a chance there.


Please.. any advice is greatly appreciated,thanks.

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I've been going through 10 months of sheer hell after being dumped by my first girlfriend, who went after me at work. But I know other people could handle these things better than me, and maybe shrug it off as "oh well, it wasn't meant to be". I really envy them, as I'm finding it never gets any easier to have to see my ex around. She was my first everything and it kills me that coming to work is like daily torture for me, while I have to see her going around chatting to other guys, making no effort to avoid me (while I do everything to avoid her) and laughing as though I never existed. It really is emotional hell. So my experience would suggest the "never date in the work place" advice is worth listening to... then again there are people who have ended up getting married after meeting in my work place, so sometimes I guess it's worth the risk. I now see it as a huge gamble to take though, if you're someone who can't take rejection well like me.

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