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let him know straight


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Knowing a little bit more about the situation could help me to give you a more informed answer but generally it is not a good idea to get a friend to tell someone you like them. May I ask how old you are? Unfortunately you must be prepared to face possible reject and a loss of friendship if their was friendship their in the the beginning. I wish you luck.

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i work with him..ive been working for the store for a lone time now and hes a new worker...we became friends so fast that one time i wasnt working he asked my asst manager why i wasnt...

me and my asst manager are friends (im 16 btw and asst manager is 20) ..i told him i like the new guy, asst manager told the guy...and new guy continues flirting with me

-he starts the conversations all the time

-he touches me a lot too

now, what confuses me is, what if hes just flirting because he knows i like him? is he just being a player?

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1) Never EVER get a friend to do your dirty work for you... It just gets messy.

2) Inappropriate discussion to be having at your workplace... You have to be careful cos you don't wanna end up with a workplace harassment suit on your hands

3) For goodness sake, get to know the guy first!


That is all.

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Umm, getting a friend to tell him might make him feel like your just toying with him - or that you make him feel second best, but no need to tell him anything direct at this stage, if at all.


Hang out lots, just be mates, go out together ... after a while flirt subtly, dont panic - if he's into you he wont go anywhere, take your time.


You should just naturally move together if its destined to be.


But if it isn't you can withdraw gratiously, remember this is your work place, and unless you want to get another job, you will need to handle this carefully - especially when at work.


Good luck, and be safe, if you get it together (which I hope you do, and he is a nice man and treats you well) dont let him not use protection please !! Be strong in that department for sure.

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