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Is he trying to tell me to let him be?


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Long story short, I've been hanging out with this guy for the past two weeks and I've been feeling pretty good about it. We knew each other from living in the same dorm last year and had hooked up a couple times... He's been very sweet and gentlemanly and I've been trying hard not to seem crazy by over-texting or seeming needy, and I want to give him his space.

Two days ago I went over to his house and hung out with him, but it was cut short when a friend of his (whom I don't particularly like) came over and I left. We said goodbye, everything seemed normal... Yesterday went by and I didn't text him, and he didn't text me, which is fine. Today however, I asked him what he was doing later through text, and it took him about two hours to respond when he's usually a fast texter. I didn't think anything of it until I sent another text asking if he wanted to hang out again cuz I didn't get to see him for very long the last time I was over. again he took a long time to respond, and he said "I'm down. i have to go to work in a little bit though" as I'm writing this I feel a little bit ridiculous, but he usually sounds more energetic and puts exclamations and smilies in his texts lol. I just don't want to bother him if he's trying to tell me that he's busy but doesn't want to be rude... Thoughts? Am I just crazy? I'm afraid of looking clingy

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i think it is too soon to tell. just hang in there. wait to see if you guys hang out. maybe you are overreacting! just let it slide for now.

DING DING DING! We have a winner. MizzGee just loves to worry/overreact lmao

I sent him a text asking when work is and he just sent back "I'm on my way back are you down to just chill this afternoon then gt somethin to eat and maybe go to (friend's) party?"

Haha thanks for taking the time to reply to my worrywart question


what's weird is that it's almost like he read this question.... hmmmm.... lol

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