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what do i do


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i have liked this girl for a while and i have tried to become friends with her. we are friends now but sometimes talking to each other can be awkward.


but now there is this other girl who i have just started to like and im friends with her already. we get along and talk a bit and it isnt too awkward but its in a harder situation.


i dont know who i like more or what i should do? what do you think?

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ask both of them out. u need to push/pull alil more. like hug one of the girls and than push her away.in accusing tone but sarcastic...say ,"i said hug not bear hug" push her away with ur arm...and than be like no comeback,just kidding.grab her arm, kiss(tap) her on the lips ...than push her away again

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Talk to them both.


It's alright to date multiple women. I'll tell you why:


You meet four separate women from whatever walk of life. The idea is to talk, have a good time getting to know each other. You don't want to rush, but you do want to see who's the more consistent and who will do and not say. People drop off after a while, and you don't want that particular woman who dropped off. You want the woman who's been consistent and demonstrated a genuine interest in you as well as the fact that there's a mutual attraction/chemistry between you both.

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