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Poll - Would you take a job you werent sure you wanted?

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Say that you have been out of work for a few months. You receive a job offer, but its not what you expected. Would you still take it?

I would not even have considered this offer if I was working, but I dont know if it is worth the possible risk of not finding work for many more months. I will be able to get by for probably a few more months, but wont have the lifestyle that i am used to without that paycheck.


I am supposed to sign a job offer today, but I cant seem to shake this bad feeling that I have. I work in an industry that I am pretty well expected to be available 24/7 which is fine and because of this anywhere I have ever worked had flexible hours.....this place has very specific hours that I am required to be in the office and a longer work week than I am used to. Plus I get the sneaking suspicion there will be a lot of overtime. (which i am fine with, but would like to know I have the flexibility to work somewhat my own hours during the week)


Also, after three interviews of knowing what my salary expectations were, they waited till the last minute to tell me it was too high and gave me what I consider to be a low ball offer based on my experience and the role itself. Now the money is decent, and not my first concern but topped with all my other concerns, I am now worried. The benefits are there, but bare minimum.


Now I am perfect for the role itself, think the boss would be good and the team as well. But I cant help but feel like I wont be happy with the company restrictions and the rest of the stuff above.


Now to top it off, I just had an interview elsewhere for a company I know I would love going to work for everyday, ...I made the mistake of not stating that I had another offer. too late now i suppose. They also asked my salary expectations, and immediately stated we were on the same page.


I cant help but be angry with the company i received the offer from, since I think they should have been up front from day one about not being able to come anywhere close to my salary requirements,......now dont get me wrong, I can live on it happily, but I cant help but feel take advantage of....


Should i take the current offer, suck it up and continue to look elsewhere, or turn it down?

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Negotiate! You are in the perfect spot to do so, since you aren't afraid of walking away from the offer. Call up the person from HR and tell them that you are interested but that the salary that they offered you does not match your expectations. Ask if there is something that they can do for you either in terms of salary itself or additional vacation time.


This will probably buy you more time while they figure themselves out... and it might also get you a better offer.

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Okay you have an interview coming up for a job that would make you happy, honestly I would try to negotiate the pay for the first to bide time, but work towards the 2nd. I wouldn't take a job that would make me miserable because it's just not worth it if you have other opportunities coming through.

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thanks all...I ended up signing....the job itself excites me, and the manager seems fair so I decided to give it a shot.....I still hadnt decided when I was sitting in the room, but after talking out a few things, I feel a bit more comfortable........ not overly pleased with the salary but that is secondary to commute/flexibilty and job satisfaction to me....

as for the other place, i did interview there today...I should hear by the end of the week if they want me in for a second interview ..so I will play it by ear and see how it pans out.....the drawback with that one is commute but the environment seems more my style....

as for negotiating, I didnt try as I was pretty well told it was firm. i suppose the next few weeks will tell if i made the right decision....

as always..great advice everyone and appreciated as usual

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