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Does she still like me ?


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I was going out with a girl for just under a year, she really liked me and chased me for almost a year before we went or our first date. so we knew each other for about two years one year as a couple.


during the time we were together she would get upset and say she wanted to call it of as she felt i wasn't deep and heartfelt with her, which is maybe true. i didnt want to rush into anything to fast with her and i was worried that she would break up with me. As she told me about all the guys she had short term R-ships with which didn't work out over the last few years, since her last long term R-ship of 7 years. i do love this girl so much and have really strong deep feeling for her but when we were together she would talk about just breaking up which made me feel unstable so i found it hard to open my heart to her.


2 months ago we broke up pretty much for the same reason that she felt i wasn't deep and heartfelt, we would see each for about a month after that, but it was weird we didn't really talk about what happen.


then i got a text saying she wanted no contact from me. I begged her not to do this but it didn't help she said she wanted nothing to do with me. this broke my heart as she my best friend and the girl i love but i left her be.


i waited a good few weeks to see if she wanted to meet me and give my stuff back and talk about what happen, she was really mad that i text her and said not to contact her and she would get her bro to drop my stuff off. i asked if one day we could be friends again and she said no.. we made our peace with each over and said goodbye. (over text !!)


Now a few weeks have gone bye, her bro hasn't dropped my stuff of and she unblocked me on facebook. I dont know what to make of it.. i still love her so much.


sorry if it doesn't read very well or have any typo's im heavy dyslexia

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Well....it seems odd that she has said 'no' to being friends in the future, yet she has unblocked you on facebook : s

I know that when I blocked by ex, then unblocked him, it was because I couldn't take it anymore haha.


Maybe give her a text and ask about your stuff (just as something to say : P ) and see what the response is. If its friendly...thats a positive sign!

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Sounds like there's more to the story than you're telling... little weird that she would go strict NC like that... but in any case if your goal is just to get your stuff back you should ask again... if the stuff isnt that important then just let it go and move on... let her contact you again if she chooses and when she does itll be up to you on whether or not you want to respond.

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How i see her NC action and from what we did talk about, is that she did this because she wanted to get over me and move on with her life. as she had been waiting around alone enough for me to "turn good!" i think after the break up we never broke up we kept on seeing each over and she couldn't do it anymore. so this was the only way for us to move forward. (this is what i think)


what i'm asking myself is why hasn't see given me my stuff back, do you think she is holding on for it for reason so i make contact again ? and then why weeks later unblock me Facebook. it seems to me that she is trying to do thing to make me talk to her ? or am i reading in to it to much.

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"Any news on when you're going to give me my stuff back?" is what i'd say... but you may not want to use those exact words... But like i said if the stuff is important to you ask about your stuff and see what she says.. even if she says something like "I told u not to contact me" u can say "well just give me my stuff and you won't hear from me again"...

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