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I've been rejected from a bunch of jobs and had interviews that have gone no where. My friend and I wanted to get an apartment next month but we can't because we can't find jobs that pay enough so we are stuck at our parents. Sort of depressing for two 23 year old recent grads. People who used to be my fiends are cheating, lying, selfish biotches that don't resemble the people I knew 5 years ago! To top if off everyone I know is getting married/pregnant and I'm just getting drunk when I can afford it. I didn't get the score I needed on the LSAT the first time so I'm not in law school.


I work at a retail store for minimum wage and the person in charge of me is younger with no degree.


Guess I'm throwing myself a PITY PARTY lol

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Have you considered a career change? Since you don't have any living expenses, you could try volunteering or interning for a company you like. It's a good way to gain new skills and experiences, and it could lead to a paying job. I'm in the nonprofit field and 80% of the employees at my org started out as volunteers/interns. Making changes may help you feel better. Good luck.

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this is the worst job market since the great depression. really, it's quite common to be searching for a job for a long time. If you would consider leaving the area, you might be able to expand your job search that way. or, you can work the job you have, study super hard for the LSAT and take it again and reapply to law schools. maybe consider doing some volunteer work for a law office?


good luck!!!!

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