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i don't know if this is going to fast


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I've been talking with this guy for 3 weeks and we've been friends for 2 years and we just saw each other every now and then. One weekend i was with my ex and his brother since we were still friends and he made me mad because i thought he wanted to get back together. So the guy i'm talking with now helped me through that. The next day we hung out and drank together with his friends and it was really fun. When we went to bed we did stuff but we didn't have sex. After that we texted alot and two days later we hung out again.Then we agreed that we were talking but he didn't know what it was because he didn't have a talking phase ever. He's 22 and i'm 19 thats why. But anyways a week later we had sex and we still have been but not too much because we know we're just talking and getting to know each other. We've tried talking about how we should wait until after a while of dating because we don't want to ruin anything. That didn't work and we just ended up doing it again. i'm confused because i don't know if this is going too fast and is a good thing right now. I don't want to ruin anything by messing up and id on't want to confuse lust with love. I know he's not using me for sex because we've been talking and we talked about that and he says he's looking for a relationship. I know he's serious about this because of the way he treats me right which is why i don't want to mess anything up


so any advice i guess because i'm really confused

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