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For the love of money..


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Hello everyone..


A bit of a disclaimer.. I hate labeling my sexuality..so I'll explain it a bit. I consider my sexuality to be fluid with a natural inclination towards women.


I met a guy a couple of weeks ago at a bar in Manhattan. As the night had progressed he told me more about him specifically that he comes from a lot of money. He is 22 years old and his parents own a very high profile limo company. He works for them as well but he is mainly an entrepreneur that invests in many different companies as well as trades in the stock market.


Literally the day after we met, he was telling me how he felt about me... how he wants me to be his girl.. that he wants to take care of me and give me ANYTHING I want. Initially, I was very well intrigued by all of this and I wanted to see where things went. But as the 2 weeks progressed until now, I'm starting to question everything. Everything is moving soo fast and even though I tell him I don't want a commitment he brings up a relationship.



I like what is going on between us now... the nights out in the city, the cuddling/companionship, the occasional dinner dates and just me getting a glimpse of his lifestyle, . This is ALL very intriguing however, I'm not attracted to him the way he is to me, ESPECIALLY because I'm attracted to women more. I've dated girls in the past and he is aware of my sexuality. I haven't told him about the natural inclination towards women yet, though.


Here is where it gets tricky...


There is an accounting position at his parents limo company and he pretty much offered me the position. The salary is PERFECT for me and I think it would do wonders for my career.. ( I'm 23). As we all know, it's WHO you know nowadays...


His feelings are delevoping rapdily for me but once I tell him that I don't see a relationship with him because of my strong attraction towards women, do you think he will no longer want me to work for his parents company? If so, do you think that's wrong? What do you think?


We have sooo much in common, I LOVE his company.. and I really feel like we can be lifetime friends and not for superficial reasons. I have already declined many things he has offered me because I don't think it's fair at this point for him to be doing so considering there is a very good chance he won't get what he wants from me.


Do you all think that he wanting to be my man so soon is because he is used to getting what he wants, WHEN he wants it. Could I be different? In a sense that I'm not using him for his money?


Thoughts please!

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Or he could put a big rush on in the beginning, then dump you like a hot rock later...


Don't let his money blind you to the fact that most men who put on a big rush in the beginning fade fast... and are you really sure he is who he says he is? I know so many women who've been lied to by guys they meet in bars, everything from they're married and hiding that to them claiming to be from a wealthy family to secret agents to casting agents when they're really drug dealers and waiters...


I think the bottom line is that if you're not really interested in dating for whatever reason, you need to be honest with him and tell him why. Then if he does indeed have a job and still wants to offer it, you can be good friends. Otherwise he'll feel used (and you may get fired) if you take the job under false pretenses with him thinking you are romantic partners when you're not.

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Lavenderdove - I hear everything you are saying... i generally read people very well and I just get a great vibe from him. I have met several of his friends and they say nothing but positive things. He wasn't always a millionaire. He grew up with nothing and got into a car accident when he was 12. He ended up suing NYC and winning $9 million dollars to which he gave to his parents so they could upstart the limo service. He is very humble and takes care of all the people in his life.

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