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Ouch! Women these days appear to be SO cold and SO shallow...


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I know when I first meet someone whether they are my physical type or not (I love big guys, also). But if I met an amazing man who was different than my "type", I would go out with him and if he was an amazing guy, he would become my "type". I would know if it would work before two years had gone by, I'll tell you that much. She sounds incredibly selfish and shallow.

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It appears the consensus is that she's very self-centered and shallow. Yea...definitely agree with that now.


The best part is -- I'm really not bothered at all by this relationship's end. I think about what she may be doing from time to time, but then I realize that I just don't care at all.


Maybe I always knew that deep down inside, she never had feelings for me. Maybe I got tired of the same old (recent) story from her. Maybe I am fed up with her stories about why she broke it off previous times (friends hated me, work, her uncertainty, etc.). Maybe I realize that I can do much better than her.


Whatever the reason is, I'm looking forward to meeting some really wonderful people, and in the future, settling with someone who appreciates me and everything I have to offer.


Thanks ENA.

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