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Giving your resume to your reference/boss?


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I was offered another position and I accepted..they would like to speak to my boss once i explain i am leaving.


So i figured I will explain everything to my boss (in a nice way of course since we aren't on bad terms) such as the new job, im leaving in a couple of weeks etc and they would like to speak to you if thats ok. And to give them my resume to use as a guide in case they need to confirm things..my boss may not remember everything i did over the years and that is the kinds of things i have listed to show my whole experience.


Is this a bad thing to do? It's also a way to see if my boss disagrees with anything and we can talk about it then and there. If you read my current thread..i placed i was an EA as my title with my same responsibilities due to the fact i was told a few times my current title didn't really stand out much, wasn't clear cut and it was ok to tailor my resume for what i am applying for. With my responsiblities listed the same way, i was not trying to make me sound higher like a vp or something like that. I just thought I sounded more competent since i had years of experience being an assistant. After this, if my boss glances it over and doesn't agree with something we can discuss it.


My resume has thought out and well written admin duties..i wasn't going to dumb down my duties and make them sound regular so i used words like assisted with, maintained, formulated etc.


A friend of mine actually said she always gives her references her resume b/c it gives them more to talk about if its necessary..she said its just for a guide if they need to confirm something that maybe they forgot and doesn't see the problem with doing it. Is it different for business b/c she is in the medical field?


I was thinking this may be the best way to go about my situation...

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