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Okay some guy I don't recall chatting with texted me and I have no clue how he got my number. He says he's from the dating website and stated his name (after I asked who it was), but not how he got my number or what his login name is. This freaks me out, I did not give my number to a guy with this name in the last week or two if ever. All I got was a text that said "Hi" then I asked who it might be because I didn't recognize the number and he said his name for dating website.


Okay even after getting his login name I DO NOT RECOGNIZE THIS GUY. What the heck? I'm not that forgetful. He has the same name as my ex FIL so I know I would have remembered him and on top of it I viewed his profile and don't like him. How do I block people from texting or calling me on my cell phone?

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Unfortunately, AT&T charges for the service (4.99/month) but this may work for you: link removed


From what I've read, AT&T doesn't have the ability to block calls/texts from certain numbers WITHOUT smartlimits. Verizon does though. I was reading online about people who called in to do this but AT&T told them that they weren't able to do a thing.


If you have a smartphone, you can download an app that will block calls/texts from certain numbers.

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Oh that is horrible. I'm sticking with my provider for life, lol. You can block certain numbers from texting you or calling you or both! You would think with all these technological advances you would be able to with any company for no cost. I just recently learned I could do this and I know a few years ago you had to change your number.


I'm sure if you don't answer the guy won't keep texting you though! (Unless he is a creeper!)

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Oh really fudgie, darn it. I guess I'll just have to hope I put him off by not recognizing him. I don't have a smart phone it's just a regular plain phone.


If you don't want SmartLimits, I suggest sending a text back immediately when he texts you saying "This number has blocked further texts from . Error code: 2412." Or something like that. Everytime he texts you, send that SAME message. He'll give up.

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