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Got some Drunk Texts from the ex.. not sure what to think of them

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So her and I have been off an on since the break up.. but I ended it a while back.. for good pretty much.. but still really wanted her to change cause I love her and for about 90% of the relationship, she made me incredibly happy. Towards the end, she changed, snapped, something.. idk and I observed someone whom I didn't recognize anymore. Well last night, out of the blue, maybe say 2 weeks NC.. she texts me... she was drunk and upset and wanted me to know how she felt... observe


Her: I know this is innapporpriate but im drunk and I have my period and I have been overly emotional this week and I cant stop thinking about you.


Her: Please dont respond. I just needed needed to get it out.


Her: Ive just been laying in bed all week whenever i dont have work and just thinking of you.


Her: Please please dont respond bc it will make it worse. I just wanted to get it out and say that.


Her: Im not trying to be a psycho ex girl friend. You deserve to move on. But I just want you to know that I think about you everyday.


Me: I still love you too. I still think about you. I almost texted you today to see how you were. I don't think you are psycho.


Her: ok


Me: How is the new job?


Her: its the only thing I like.


Me: Im glad its going well then.


Her I didnt want you to respond to my text anyway so go away please..



I edited the drunken grammar of hers to make it more english like... but why did she say this stuff? She has been gung-ho on not talking to me.. and all of the sudden she is caving.. Why does someone write all those things.. make you feel terrible.. then asks you not to respond? What is she doing?

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Her text sounded genuine.

She told you not to reply bc she felt she needed to vent her emotions, but didn't want to get into things again.

^ no I don't really think she wanted him to reply. I can understand how she might've felt. She felt like she really needed to get it off her chest. But she didn't want him to reply cos then it'll be back and forth (which is pretty sad bc things HAVE ended and it won't change things)


Some ppl say they miss you for an ego boost. I think this case the girl is being genuine.

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yeah we dated seriously for almost a year.. and she has a cold personality like, she has been screwed over and used so many times that she can easily drop someone.. even when they are a good person and the break up was inevitable. I love the girl, I am moving on... and seeing those texts made me happy.. (is it wrong to be happy?) when I saw her struggling.. cause i knew that she wasnt as strong as she though.. and I was happy to see that I did have an impact on her in that way. I doubt things will work out.. but Im just happy to see that she is dealing with this appropriately, and not going out and getting rebounds or being immature. She is doing this right.. she is struggling.. and in a way, Im happy that i am not easy to get over, because i gave her everything.. and she freely admits that I was the best thing that ever happened to her. I just was taken off when i saw those messages saying that she was upset.. she hid it well..

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