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I am seriously heart broken..


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Its been 3 weeks since my ex dumped me and a little over a week since we were last intimate. Its my bday today and she didnt even call, text, or email a happy bday. She has openly admitted to be interested in another guy. I see now the thin love has. A year and a half and this the respect I get. I am just sad

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Its okay, I was dumped 2 weeks before my birthday. Maybe your ex is reading all the NC guides on eNotAlone about not wishing happy birthday?


Be happy, its your birthday! Give yourself at least today to not think about her at all.


P.S. Man it is scary, I always wonder if my ex is on this board.

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Happy Birthday! (it's my birthday today too)! My ex dumped me on this day last year, I know how it feels when your partner that person you have come to know so well dis-respects an important day in your life.

I hope things will get better for you soon.


Thank you. I'm sorry about your situation too. Are you better about it now? I have never ben heart broken before. So this sucks

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Think of it as a blessing in disguise. Unless those best wishes are completely sincere, you'd know. If they stem from guilt and she called? Her contentment in general would come through, and unless you're completely over her (and it doesn't sound like you're even close to there yet), it would be a slap in the face.


I mean, seriously - here you are on your birthday and you get a surprise call from the one you were with, who, while she may sound a bit guilty, doesn't sound at all repentent or miserable, it'll just open up the wounds of whatever healing you HAVE accomplished.


It's your birthday - try and worry and dwell less on her - and more on what you want to see from and for you in the coming year. Odds are, this time next year, you might still feel a pang - but not the wrenching slap of this one, and though it seems like hogwash, you'll not only be stronger - you'll have a bit better handle on just what you want, and how you want to get there.


You were a complete person before she came along, and you still are, you just need to re-find it amidst the pain and anger.

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so the advice of not calling your ex on their bday is on here? My ex isn't very computer savvy. So this is plain and simple get moving on completely. When you think you know someone...


Yeah. I am on the other end of the spectrum from you. Still contemplating to wish my ex happy birthday but everyone here advised not to.


Anyway it is your birthday, don't dwell on this. As Mesemene said, at least she respects you enough to not wish you out of guilt.

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You sound like you're in the same boat as me my friend.

I'm afraid that on my birthday in a month, I'll get no text.

But you know buddy...If she didn't respect you enough to say happy birthday.

Then it isn't worth it anymore.

I had an epiphany today...Thinking back through everything we went through, reflecting...I realized...It was fun at the time, but I really wasn't happy.

I know you want nothing but her to say happy birthday, but if she doesn't do it on her own, then you need to tell yourself that she isn't worth crying over anymore.

Things will get better.

I promise.

It's been three weeks for me and things are looking up, more than they ever have.

It takes different amount of time for everyone.

But yuo'll get there, just hang in there and keep posting.

Keep your head up.

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Thank you. yep no call. Thats my cue to move on and forget about her. Now at this point I dont want to hear from her at all. I have deleted pictures and threw away cards, letters, etc. Time to move on..I thank everyone for being there for me. Greatly appreciated..

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P.S. Man it is scary, I always wonder if my ex is on this board.


Total buzz kill... that would indeed be a nightmare. The birthday thing... 1. happy belated. 2. Maybe she even did it as to not rekindle hope in you... let me elaborate.. maybe she did it because she didn't want you to think that the door would once again be wide open for communication. YOU know and I know she thought about it... Not to say that's a bad thing but she may have taken the high road and done it on purpose so that you have an easier time healing... just a thought.

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