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How to ask her out?


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So here is my story. I recently went to a party and I spotted a girl who as leaving the party. We casually chatted about party and general life. I found her cute and I introduced myself. She also responded enthusiastically. Unfortunately, she had to leave the party within few minutes to attend some other event so she excused herself. I told her "I'd love to continue our conversation but I don't know how to contact you". She told me to give her a call sometime and gave her phone number without even asking. I find that girl really cute and interesting. And would love to ask her out on date. I'm thinking of calling her soon. What is the best way to ask her out? I don't even know whether this girl is single or in a relationship. I know she is new to the place where we are currently living. But no idea about anything else.


Any advice?

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You didn't get a chance to talk much - so try asking her if she wants to meet for coffee so you can talk to her again. Since she didn't get much time to talk to you either - it's pretty casual and public, and a good place to chat, or go for a walk if you end up having a great conversation that just keeps going.

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