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I need to vent, here is my long story

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I might my last girlfriend back in Sep of 2010on a online dating website, we hit it off and began talking everyday. After a week and half we decided to meet up and the sparks were still there and therefore began to date. ( i know pretty fast). In the beginning he began to be a bit snappy towards but i never thought anything of it until later in the relationship. After a few months she began to be extremely aggressive towards me. But, again i didnt think anything of it, because she would do every sweet things for me for example, travel two hours each way to see my in New York for just a few hours, and also pay for everything, and always was supportive. However, every time i would hang out with friends it seems to me she would get really upset and ruin my time with them. Now, lets fast forward, 5months into the relationship she began to be physically aggressive towards me and i would break up with so many times ( not always because of the physical things) and she would call me the next day saying she misses me so we got back together. However, recently. I broke up with her and she told me that she didnt want to get back together because she didnt feel like it was working out. So we decided to be friends( she was pushing the issues of friendship) and during these days of friendship she would tell me how she needed me this and that bla bla bla.A few days after that we met up and i told her i refuse to be friends and or we work on it or nothing. Therefore, she told me lets try it one last time. Consequently, during those last few days she told me she needed distance and time on her own, yet im the closest person to her... A few days later she tells me i deleted all ur nudes delete mine... i was oh? what?...... Therefore, I explained to her that its clear she doesnt want to be with me anymore so lets say our goodbyes...a few min after that she blocked me from eveything fb,email,aim,even calling.. deleted all my friends and even blocked a friends number...


A few days ago i found out she was talking to her ex again ( who she claimed she hated.) As she found out i knew, her ex blocked me, and my ex blocked all my friends pages......it has been almost 5 weeks.. * * * is wrong with this girl?

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