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Meeting Girlfriends Mom


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My girlfriend and I have been in a wonderful official relationship for just about 3 months. We have plans for me to travel with her in one month to visit her family and so I can meet them. However, her mom is going to be in town next week for a business trip and would like to meet up with us at least once while she is here for dinner.


My question is do I offer to pay for both of them? Even though her mom is inviting us to join her would paying for the meal impress her? I am kind of nervous because my girlfriend told me her mom can be high maintenance sometimes.

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YES! You most definitely should pay for everyone. I wouldn't even both with this game at the table of fighting over the check business. Excuse yourself during dinner to go to the restroom, grab your server, and tell him to be sure to present the final bill to YOU. Do not even THINK about having her Mom pay. If she offers, you tell her that she's a guest in your city, and you insist on treating her.



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