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I met this girl through an online dating website almost 3 months ago. We chatted a bit through the website and I got her email contact info. She is originally from my city but moved away several years ago for school / work and has city hopped a bit... finally landing 900km away.


We are both really busy and even though I've visited her city once and and shes been here once, we haven't had a chance to meet in person... all of our contact has been through email and a short phone call.


We have plans to try and meet again in the next couple months when she comes into town to visit her family again. Assuming our schedules match up again and we are able to meet, is there ever a good time to ask about the potential for a LDR? Is it even worth it and how would I gauge her interest before bringing it up? Can I just blatantly ask her where she sees this going if we meet?


PS: I noticed her age changed on her profile and brought it up and wished her a happy birthday.. is that creepy? Haha..

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Only you can decide if it's "worth it" and to do that, you really need to have a heart to heart with yourself, and ask yourself "what do I want from a relationship?"


For some people with exceptionally busy lives or constant travel, it can work - but it means being able to honestly say you don't want or don't have time for things like a quick cup of coffee at lunchtime, or having someone who's able to actually be there after a rough day. It's definitely not for everyone - and most people who do successfully maintain a LDR have a goal in mind to take out the LD part at some point, as most can't maintain it indefinitely.


For now - in this particular situation, I'd look at keeping it casual for now. If things get to the point you want to consider actually having a LDR - you'll know. Right now you're still getting to know her, relax and enjoy her company, and see how you feel after you've had the chance to see if she wants to initiate more contact with you.

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