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He's there, I'm here... What do I do?


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Hey guys,

So there's this wonderful man who lives about 500 miles away... I've known him for about 8 years and throughout those years we've become very good friends. It seems though that the feelings have (mutually) reached past the freinds zone and into a more relationship-y area. He is my greatest "what-if" in life. Recently, he was in the area visiting and asked me to move to his home 500 miles away and now I've reached a dilema. I've got a job at a great company that I've wanted to work for for a while now, my job sucks, but there is room for growth. I need to go back to school and finish my degree to grow past this position but I can do that any where. My question to you all, is should I pack up my life and relocate for this guy or should I stay where I am and risk more years of "what if-ing"? Thanks in advance for your help all. I really appreciate it!

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