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Long distance - hot surprise outfit ideas


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I am in a long distance relationship. We have to fly to see each other.


A while ago my boyfriend told me a story about a couple in a long distance relationship: The girl picked up her boyfriend from the airport wearing a coat and nothing under it. He brought up this story a couple of times before his last visit. He had mentioned before that he would like me to be sexually more open. I think he was hoping that I’d pick him up wearing nothing under my coat.


I did not do that and I think he was disappointed. I have felt not as connected to him after that visit. Now, I regret that I have not picked up on his hint. I am going to visit him and would like to make up for it. But this time I fly so a coat with nothing under it won’t work. Any ideas for a hot surprise outfit that I can wear on my trip to see him?


Thank you for any ideas !!!!!

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Are you sure that he was kind of distant because you wore something underneath your coat? I can understand the initial disappointment, but distancing himself throughout the whole visit seems odd. Either he is extremely unreasonable and cannot deal with not getting what he wants, or something else is bothering him.

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Of course, the one event when I did not meet his expectations by not picking him up in a sexy outfit is not responsible for the ups and downs in our relationship.


I know that the distance is difficult for us and we are working on it


Wearing something very sexy and surprising him is just one thing I can do, but it cannot fix a relationship


But I want to try things – I don’t want to look back and say “I should have”


Does this make sense?

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Try a coat, and a skirt that's just a little bit longer. Wear maybe sheer thigh highs, garter belt under skirt, and as for a top try a sexy corset or bustier. When you meet him, unbutton the top of the jacket so he can get a quick glimpse of some cleavage and corset. At some point, if sitting, cross your legs so he can see the top of the thigh highs.


It would be covered up enough for you, and sexy enough to keep him fantasizing since he knows what's under there waiting for him.

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Thank you betweenthebars right now I am thinking about two dresses


I am still open to other ideas


The first dress is very short and tight. Made from a thin but dense stretch cotton material. It is dark blue has long sleeves and a high neckline in the front a little lower in the back.

It very tight and I think it is possible to tell if I am braless. It is a dress to go out at night.

I have worn it out before with my boyfriend but with a bra under it. I thought I thought about going braless and maybe even w.o. underwear?



The second dress is a white summer dress with a blue pattern light rayon material. I just bought it and have never worn it. It comes down to a couple of inches above the knee. It is backless except for a 1 inch strap going up the middle, the strap splits behind the neck. The two straps come over the shoulders / neck to hold up the front of the dress. The front has a V cut. It covers my breasts but gives a hint of cleavage. The front is slightly loose and when I move it can expose something – down the front or on the sides. I thought of wearing a shawl to cover up the back during the flight.

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