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Anxiety and Love Sick Teen


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I'm 17 years old and I've always been a worrier. However, it wasn't until last month that I was professionally diagnosed with G.A.D(Generalized Anxiety Disorder). Things

that shouldn't be a big deal make me nervous, like when someone says they'll text me back or when I have toshow up at a social event alone. It never really gave me serious problems until around May 2011.


I was dating this guy who made me extremely happy, he's the first serious relationship I've had and I've neverhad this strong of feelings for anyone before. In May he got his phone taken away and was kicked out his

dad's house, forcing him to go live with his mom about 15 minutes away.This is my first memory of my anxietyreally kicking in. I just always remember constantly worrying about him, and not having a solid way of

communicating with him all the time. Things got better with time though, he ended up getting another phone and I adjusted to the distance that was now between us. We made our relationship exclusive early in the

summer, and I was overall very happy. We spent a lot of time together.


Then things got bad around the last week of summer. By this time he was working a part-time job, and also

doing construction with his dad. I didn't see him as much as I used to, I barely got texts from him anymore,

and I just felt like he stopped trying. This upset me so much and made my anxiety worse, so I was usually

upset and irrational towards him. Then one morning I wake up with a break up text from him, and I was heartbroken. We didn't speak for about a week, then he finally reached out to me. We met up and just caught up on what we've been up to. I also gave him a letter I wrote about how much I loved him, and the necklace he got me for my birthday. His response to all of it was that we should "still talk and take it slow".


We see each other now about once or twice a week, which is difficult but better than nothing. We act just

like a couple again, but we haven't really talked about being exclusive again. I'm very anxious because he

makes me feel so loved and important when I'm physically with him, but the days we spend apart he barely tries to talk to me. I'm the one that always texts him first. Sometimes I even send it twice, just so I know he

gets it. I constantly check his Facebook to see if he's been on, and if I see he's posting on things with his

friends I get upset because he hasn't answered me. I also want to take him to my senior homecoming dance, but his boss needs to sign the outside guest form since he's not in school right now. He has the sheet and I

stress to him like everyday that he needs to get it signed, but I don't trust that he will. I'm just constantly

worried if he's lying to me about what he's doing, if he really takes this "relationship" seriously, and if he even misses me as much as I miss him when we're apart. If anyone has any feedback on how I can get these

things under control, please help. I know it seems like a terrible relationship to be in, some of you might even be thinking why am I stil evenl with him. As many problems as there are, I love the kid to death. He really

does make me happy aside all the crap.

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Sorry this is a little late but this is exactly how I feel alot of the time and I have abandoment.issues which im now working on with my therpist.


It sounds like you have the exact same issues as me. As for advice unfortunately the only advice I can give is find a good therapist

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