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Anyone else gone through this??


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I was just wondering if anyone has been through a similar situation as me and has any advice.


I have had an on again, off again relationship with my best friend for years now. At this point, I am living in his house, but we are not in a relationship. For financial reasons I can't move out at this time. I don't really want to get into the details, but I can say that I won't be able to move out for at least a few more months. I just want to know if anyone else has had to stay with an ex before and any advice there is on keeping the peace.

It is really difficult because he will tell me he loves to hang out with me, but I know that I need to distance myself as much as possible to heal. I don't want to feel uncomfortable where I live regardless of the circumstances.

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I was living with my ex for two weeks after we n BU. We had a 2 bedroom apartment and just did our own things, calling each other if we'd be sleeping at the apartment or not. It helped to have my own space and he respected that since I did the same. He did ask to hang out while a mutual friend was there but I declined-slows the process down you know?


Once I settled into my new place I was happy. I was free from that relationship and on my road to truly healing.

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I don't have a set time frame for how long I will be living here with him. I have tried to separate as we have 2 bedrooms also, but he keeps invading my space. It's as though he wants to still be friends. I can understand that to an extent as we have known one another for 13 years, but this is tough. I just try to do my own thing even if he is here.

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I lived with my ex husband for a month or so after the divorce was finalized. It was unusual to say the least. He brought dates over. We were sort of fighting over the house, he won because I couldn't stand it and I knew I couldn't afford the payment so I left.


Really it's a mistake to live together after a break up because it's harmful on numerous levels. Find another place to live asap, a roommate situation (find roommates on craigslist). Whatever you need to do, they play psychological games for one.

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