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Is he just being nice or am I missing something?


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Well, my situation is this.. I know this guy that I used to be in grade school with. We never really talked during that time. It wasn't until high school that we became acquaintances. I wouldn't really say friends because he was very quiet at the time. So it's been a good 12 years (if not more) since I've seen him. Recently, I added him to my Facebook. Same situation.. we didn't really talk much. I would get the occasional message from him after I had written about how I wanted to see a certain band/singer, and he would write me and tell me how he had seen that performer before.


So one day.. I saw he had gotten a new job. I "liked" his status message, and that was all. A few weeks later, I get a message saying "hey thanks for the congrats.. I appreciate it." I just said no problem, and really wasn't expecting to talk much with him. Well, we begin talking about music since we both have similar interests in music. I told him I had some tickets to a music festival that I was not going to be able to attend, and he told me he wanted to buy one of the tickets. It turns out he had not only wanted to buy his ticket, but he also wanted to buy my other tickets for a friend of his. We had been doing all the correspondence regarding these tickets via FB messages. I noticed one day that on one of the messages, he gave me his phone number. I thought about it and said to myself "why would he give me his number if all our correspondence has been through FB messages?" I let it go, and decided to give him my number.


Last week.. I recieved a message from him saying that his friend was not going to be able to buy the tickets. Then he wrote "I will do whatever it takes to find you a buyer". I thought that was very sweet, but the statement was kinda extreme. So we decided to get together so that I could give him the ticket, and he could pay me. I texted him the original day we were going to do this, but I told him I was going to a movie with some friends, and I would be home later in the afternoon. He said that we could do it the next day, and proceeded to ask me what movie I was going to see. So while I was texting him back, my phone rings and it's him. He was very sweet and polite, and I was impressed by how talkative his was. He offered to come to my home to pick up the ticket. We met up that next day. He said he would be at my house by 8, and at 8 on the dot.. the doorbell rang. I was nervous because it had been a long time since I had seen him. He came in, we exchanged hugs, and he told me.. "wow how long has it been.. 10, 12 years??" I said "yeah it's been a while". He began to tell me how he liked my neighborhood, and my home. So then we talked and he asked me how this exercise program I've been on is going. I was very surprised because I never thought he actually payed attention to what I write on FB unless it's music oriented. So he stayed for a good 20 minutes talking with me, and just catching up. So right before he left I said "well.. you have my number now.. keep in touch". He said "yeah sure.. I'll give you a call sometime or text you". I said "ok". Then he said.. "we should go to a show sometime". I said "yeah we should.. that would be cool.". He said "ok yeah I'll give you a call". We shared another hug, and he left.


After seeing him, and talking with him... I realized that I wouldn't mind getting involved with him. We have a lot of the same interests, and he's really nice. So I guess my question is... could there be interest from his side as well or is he just being a nice guy?? I can never read into these situations. I think he's single, but I'm not all that sure. I'm trying to remain as level headed as possible. Is this guy something worth looking into or is he just being nice? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

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Thank you both for your advice!! So the plot has gotten a little interesting. When he said that he wanted the ticket, I told him I was glad he was going. I told him to do me a favor and see a certain band that was going to be performing there. This was weeks ago, and I really didn't think he would remember. Last night, I heard my text message alert was going off. I checked to see it was three txt messages from him. I opened them to find three photos of the band I wanted to see. I was completely suprised!! After freaking out.. I txted him back telling him thank you and that he was awesome. He said that when the band comes in concert again.. that him and I will go. I said yes definitely.


What are you thoughts on that??? All comments are appreciated!! :star:

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