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Where to look for new job what to do


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Ive been looking for a new job on careerbuilder and craigslist keeping eye out around when I do errands etc too. Shelf stocker started out car detail in college assembly fast food valet parking last 5 yrs. Lawn care on side selling a little firewood too.


Been getting offers but I don't want to do sales (really allbeen getting).


Where can i look what can I do to expand?


I'm being noticed but not enough.


Computers outdoors customer service what im looking for.


Associates degree in computers but too limited option.


Thanks for any help

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UPS is a pretty good place to get a job, if you can land it. Drivers make a buttload of money and you'd get plenty of time out n' about, package handlers don't have it that bad either. With an associates degree in computers you might be able to get a job as a helpdesk technician somewhere.

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Ok, this is a post that came from my newsfeed on facebook: NOW HIRING: Fed Ex (877) 716-8758, Home Depot (877) 967-5443, UPS (888) 877-0922, Verizon (800_ 211-8086, Staples (800) 328-2753.



I think Fed Ex or UPS would be your best bet because I think you would get a lot of overtime with Christmas just around the corner. Please keep us adviced as to you progress on your job hunt.


UPS (888) 877-0922 Could not edit smiley out! Area code is three 8s.

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