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what to do when no one texts back....


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No one will text me back....

I'm feeling * * * * ty and want to text or call her SOO bad but she * * * * ing hates when i do

I wish id gone to school today so I could have at least some kind of human interaction.


My problem now is I want to text her but I know I cant but usually when i get this feeling I can text people and talk to them...

But the guy I normally talk to won't text me back, I think he might be at work but IDK.


And then one of my friends lost his phone, and with everyone else I just don't want to text because I feel like I'm bothering them everytime I do, and they always say the same thing to me and I feel like it's annoying to them that they have to repeat themselves over and over again.


I just don't know what to do at times like this

I can't leave my house because first off, I didnt go to school and secondly, my truck is trapped in the driveway because the sidewalk is getting repaved and I can't get out...


There is nothing to really do at my house that gets my mind of things. If I watch TV or play X-Box I'll just be sitting and it won't distract me enough I don't think, but I guess I can try.


Ah...just need someone to talk to me...

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I want to believe you, I want to believe everyone.

I mean I do, but it's just so god damn * * * * ing hard.

I'm trying to be happy but little things set me off.

Seeing her add people on Facebook and not even wanting to add me.

Her getting pissed off when I text her about school work because no one will reply.

Then she gets mad at me for not talking to her at school.

I want to so bad but I can hardly look at her without wanting to say, "I * * * * ing love you, and you're beautiful and I'm sorry if I can't compare to someone else"

She claims to no want a boyfriend, but why is she liking other guys already?(My friend told me this)

I just want to * * * * ing fast forward through all this * * * * .

Another thing...when we first broke up, she kept saying stuff like "don't act like this is only hard for you!"

We both cried on the phone together and I just didn't understand.

I just want so badly to be able to talk to her without feeling like a burden or annoying her.

I don't want her to hate me but yesterday she told me it's hard not to when I text her all the time, which I don't even do often anymore.

I told her how hard it is for me when no one texts me back.

Why can't she just CARE, even if she doesn't love me or want to be with me, why can't she just talk to me if it makes me feel better.

* * * *

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Hi idontunderstan,


That is heartbreak for you. That's what it does. Right there! It is a brutal thing. It will knock you down and out. It has a sucker punch.


Why can't she just CARE, even if she doesn't love me or want to be with me, why can't she just talk to me if it makes me feel better.


I'm telling you, you have to ride the early days out. No-one does it with class. And pretty much all dignity goes out the window. It hurts and it hurts and it hurts.


You think talking to her will make you feel better, but it ends up making you feel worse. Right now she cannot help you now. You have to help yourself. Ride those feelings out. It's like baRx said. You can survive this. Others have.


Set yourself limits. Promise yourself that you will only text her three times per day and no more. More texting will not change the status quo. They will only alienate her. Take it 24 hours at a time. 3 texts. No more. Pace yourself.


It's early days. Hang on in there



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Why don't you try going for a long walk outside everytime you feel bored inside the house? throw on some music and walk until you get tired, and if need be cry and let it out. only speaking from experience,...also shut off your phone and put in a drawer for 1 day. you be the one that is MIA, trust me, people will notice

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