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Having a phone argument is just the worse!!!


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For the ones that know my dilemma. I had a very ugly phone argument...well, it felt more like a fight with my SO. He made a stupid comment about how I am the one taking this relationship to the dumps. The way he said it, i could just have slapped him. Ugh! I could cry at work right nOw...don't give an f who sees me. I figured i have been not doing my part but not to blame it all on me. HoW I am never on time for anything, how I don't try to be more committed as I am to my work. I'm guessing he is upset because I had to stay late. But no need to be that nasty to me.


How in the heck am I suppose to sit down and have a conversation about anything if he believes he is not the one to be blamed for?



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Hey, sorry to hear that. Yes, I agree aswell with taking that call at home. But I did noticed you mentioned you have an office? Well, yes is true. People can get fired but BELIEVE ME everyone has those kind of calls at least once, at work. Don't know your story very well but for I can tell here, you aren't happy. Is he? Are you both blaming it on each other?


Don't take anyone's advice wrong. It seemed that you got a bit upset with your last answer. But hey...maybe once you get home, you and him can calm things down.


You are more than welcome to PM.


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