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Is this a nice gift idea or just weird?


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It's my boyfriend's birthday coming up, we have been together for 3 years and it is long distance, we live in different countries right now but I will be moving overseas to be with him next year.


So I usually just send him a card or an e-card for his birthday but this year I want to surprise him with something different. I was going to buy him a dozen of his favourite beers over the phone and then a cake at these stores in his neighbourhood that he often goes too so i'd be ordering it on the phone and paying for it, he would just have to go in and pick them up. I think he would really like this but is it weird saying 'you just have to go into the stores to collect them'? . They don't deliver so this is my only option.

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There's nothing weird about it, considering the distance. If my LD boyfriend did that for me, I'd be incredibly touched and I'd have no issues at all about going to a store I already visit a lot and picking it up.


I wouldn't be like, "OMG, I have to go pick it up myself? Why didn't you find somewhere that delivered, GOD, I cannot BELIEVE I have to go do this my damn self!"


I think he'll be impressed.

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I did this for an LD boyfriend once. I made it into sort of a mystery tour - I went on Google Maps and downloaded the street directions for a walk around his neighborhood past certain stores, and then I googled his local area and wrote information about interesting places he'd pass on his walk, like statues and buildings etc. So he had to go out and follow the directions, and stop at each store to collect chocolates, wine, a book, etc (which I had already paid for over the phone).


He said it was weird but fun going into stores and receiving a surprise gift without paying, and he learned stuff about his local area that he never knew despite living there for years. Plus he thought it was really romantic that I went to all that effort


I did a similar thing for my sister when she lived away from home. I called her and invited her to go on a walk with me, and then I stayed on the phone and (by looking at Google Maps) I guided her round the streets to a store where I had bought her a birthday cake over the phone. She giggled the whole time, cos at each street corner I had to tell her which direction to turn, and she had no idea where she was going.

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Having been in a LDR before, I don't see this as too weird either. As long as the stores aren't completely out of his way and that the gifts are available to collect at a time convenient to him, I think it sounds really nice



PS. I can almost equate it to you arranging delivery of the gifts to his home but he ends up being out at the time, so has to go collect them from the depot anyway. Not as romantic, haha.

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I think it would be really cool if you can make it into some kind of a scavenger hunt, send him clues and directions to the places where he needs to pick up the stuff, that was its more like a game then him just picking up the gifts, I think it'll be really fun.


Good luck

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