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Had interview, next course of action?


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The interview at the boutique lasted 1 1/2 hours! They asked all kinds of interesting questions and had me put together outfits and explain them. The store manager thought I would make a good assistant manager and asked me if she could interview me for that position as well. She said they would be in touch really soon and that I should call the store if I had any further questions/concerns. She said to come in and observe a Saturday if I could make it this weekend.


What is the next step? Does this sound promising?

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Yes, mail it, today! In the letter, thank her for her time, express your interest, review the responsibilities as you understand them and show specifically why you are perfect for meeting those responsibilities, express your long-term goals for both yourself (at her store) AND for the company (as in, how you can help the store grow and make more money). Invite her to call you if she thinks of any other questions she'd like to ask you, as you'd be happy to answer them! Finally, verify that you will be showing up as she suggested, express a preferred time, and ask her to let you know if that is inconvenient for her.

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