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Struggling with all of this crap!!!!

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Me and my ex broke up 6 weeks ago and she has blocked me from everything, even blocked my friends number... but Recently i went on my friends fb page and searched my exs ex facebook and found out she is friends with her.. this really hurt me due to the face that i thought she really disliked her and she did love her alot once. After that, it made me feel like everything we had was a lie...


After few days, she found out somehow i did this and blocked all my friends.. and even her ex blocked me ( which doesnt make sense because i dodnt know this girl)


I feel so down ugh...

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That is why I deactivated my fb account months ago. My healing and mental health are worth more! Why on earth would I want to torture myself by looking up my ex? It's like stabbing yourself in the leg with a knife.


You need to let her go and stop trying to be part of her life. It sounds like it is over and it's time to take care of yourself.

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