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Really Irritated! Am I wrong?


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So my bf of 3.5 months is going away for a two week vacation to see his family. He is leaving today, last night I had planned a surprise for him but he kind of hinted that he was very busy he couldn't come over, so I didn't want to put any pressure on him and told him the surprise can wait until he gets back, but at least I expected him to drop by even in for 15 minutes to say goodbye to me ( we live about 10 minutes drive away), but he didn't. He just made it seem like it would be such a burden for him to do that.


I am really upset that he would leave for a vacation without saying bye to me in person, am I over reacting?

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No we didn't say good bye at all, we left it as he would come over last night and stay over but when he hinted that he was busy i said that was fine, but i still expected a goodbye in person... it would have taken him 30 min tops to come say goodbye and leave.

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aww i was wondering how the surprise turned out...sorry!

but i agree with the others, when i am going away on vacation i am stressed and busy, running errants, making sure i don't forget everything, he just thought you meant it was okay and to do it when he got back and then just left it at that, my BF would do the exact same thing...just call him to say goodbye or send a cute text and don't let him know you are feeling disappointed, will send him away on a bad note...

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Well he just messaged me and he is coming to see me at 7 tonight before he leaves. Sorry for the melodrama everyone.


When you see him make sure you let him know you appreciate him making time out to come see you. Give him the affirmation and let him know that it is important to you- believe me, as a guy this type affirmation is really important.

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