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Should I quit my job without 2 week notice?


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I have a full load this semester, and I asked my boss if I could work weekends. or Wednesdays. Well, my boss asked if I wanted to pick up her 4 year old daughter from school, and she'll pay me to baby sit for a few hours. he'll be working instead of me.) I didn't think it was a bad gig, since I'll probably have time to study, but that's not the case. Now, she makes me run errands. I drop her daughter off to other people's house's or I take her to stores to try on outfit etc. I know I spend some money on gas, and I'm not getting compensated for it. I got paid $15 dollars for 2 days. I know that's not a lot, but that's $40-80 I could be ,making if I was working instead Plus, I'd subtract about 5, maybe 10 for gas. So, I'm not really getting paid much. Then, she finds ways to pay me less at my job! It's frustrating.


Also, she lets me clock out at work, when we don't have any customers. And it's pretty corrupt. I'm supposed to pick up her daughter tomorrow. But I have exams to study for, and my job is overwhelming me. I don't really need the money. I took the job, because it was something I enjoyed doing. However, I feel like I'm getting taken advantage of. I was wondering if I should just quit the job now and not pick up her daughter. But, I feel guilt, which is really not responsibility. She's had baby sitter's call out, and now I know why. She probably doesn't pay them.


What should I do? I really don't want to work for her anymore. Basically, my dilemma is, should I just say I quit, or should I give her some time to hire someone else? I really don't want to care, and just leave, because I'm fed up. But, I feel guilty.

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Sounds like a tainted workplace.


How many jobs have you had? If it's your first or even second, quitting without notice could impact getting another job since your only reference would be a bad one. However, if you have other employment references of which are good, then just take the hit, for the sake of not shooting up the place. (Well, I probably would if I had a boss like that).


But, you should pick up the kid. At least drop her off at home or with your boss. Nothing sucks more as a child as the feeling of abandonment.


Wish you the best of luck.

And in the end, you should always do what makes you happy.

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I suggest you, you can quit from your job without notice but don't think shorter, Think after your semester. if you want to rejoin this job you can't or if you join another company in this field it might be create problem for you, and the most thing is that if it's related your study means it's gives you free exercise with money. And may be you will loss your credit. So, as per my opinion don't leave job without notice.

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