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Does she even talk to him ??


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Okay okay.. I know I may not be the most popular on here. I have now been involved in this emotional affair for almost 9 months. He is currently out of town for job training. Me and him have chatted for 2-4 hours every night since he has been there. Question : where the F is she ??? he has so much to say and loves to conversate and is so easy to talk to . I just don't understand what she is doing? they just hit their one year anniversary and I talk to him, entertain him and keep him stimulated every night and I just don't understand what she is doing. At the current time they are working at the same time so really no excuse for not connecting. At this point I honestly feel she is selfish and just truly not hitting the mark. In my opinion yes he needs attention but in general is pretty easy to please but just don't see her putting in the effort.....

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I'll be blunt - you don't "see" her at all, you're only seeing the side of him he's choosing to show you.


Who knows how he was with her previously? What he's telling her about his time availability, and what he's doing?


She's his stability, you're his thrill. At one time, SHE was his thrill. He courted her, dated her, married her. Don't ever fall into the trap of thinking that if he leaves her, he wouldn't end up out looking for another thrill. While some guys/girls slip once - it's often a trait that repeats itself over and over.


Do you want to find yourself sitting at home tending home and hearth believing him when he says he has to work late, has a meeting, or is too tired from his out of town business to talk much? And wondering all the while if this is how his wife felt while he was talking to you for hours? Even if he leaves her for you, that's the scenario you're looking at.

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