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Should I re-add my ex on facebook?

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2 days ago, i blocked my ex on facebook but for some reason facebook deleted him as a friend. should i re-add him? we see eachother almost every day because we go to the same school. he asked me if i was okay and why i deleted him but i said i didn't because at that time i didn't know that facebook deleted him. I'm on the 4th day of NC and this is a pretty tough decision.


thanks for the posts!

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No reason to add him back. You already see him almost everyday and that's hard enough. Adding him back will cause you a lot more pain. Once your healed and over the breakup you can decide at that time if you want to have him as a friend. You are not friends right now, it is too soon. Give yourself some time to emotionally disconnect.

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It's tough biscuits if he wants to know why he got deleted! You tell him "Why do you care?"


And why should he care? You obviously did not do the breaking up, so he should get to wonder what happened. Next time, don't tell him your every move.




-Nod nod-


Not only this, but you JUST deleted him. Why would you go back and re-add him now?

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