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i dont know what to do at this point.....

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so i met this guy on craigslist and met up with him last night. long story short i decided to go from strait to bi-curious in the last few days but there are things that make me uncomfortable about the situation i'm in.


clifnote version... post on craigslist for girls, this guy writes me, i meet up with him cause i'm open to trying certain new things, we get along really well and end up just cuddling in bed for like 7 hours.


now i feel comfortable with him. he is very nice and respectful and we get along very well so if i dont think about it i'm perfectly fine with the idea of seeing where things go. i told him that i'm not gay and i dont know how comfortable i would be doing things with him and he was ok with that. so we had a nice night. and today he texted me and let me know that he had a really good time and he wants to hang out again and whatever, that stuff isnt a problem.


what makes me feel uncomfortable about him is what he has told me. he said that he was strait but he has sucked off a couple of his friends a few times and he is really good. then he was trying to make me horny and stuff while we were cuddling which i cleverly got out of because i try not to go past making out the first time i meet someone and i havent even kissed this guy yet. so basically what is bugging me is i dont know if he is telling the truth and he just wanted to be gay for a night acting that way, or if he said he was strait so that i would be more comfortable around him and not freak out that i'm cuddling with a gay guy. (personally i'd rather know i'm cuddling with a gay guy then a strait one because at least i know whats going on if the other guy is gay)


should i read into this at all or should i just let it go and i'll find out one way or another as we spend more time together?

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So... here's the part I don't get.


You've decided to label yourself as "bi-curious". Cool! What you are basically saying is not that you are bi... but that you are confused about your sexuality at the moment and you'd like to experiment a little bit (that's what the "curious" part is about). That's cool too - I think sexuality is a spectrum (Google the Kinsey scale). It might take time for you to figure these things out. Perfectly understandable.


But... what does it matter if he is straight or gay? I mean... you want to do sexual things with him and experiment... he's up for that. Why would you freak out that you are cuddling with a gay guy? What's wrong with cuddling with a gay guy? If he's gay and understanding of your situation and hesitancy - isn't that good? Doesn't that fit your needs?


The other thing that is peculiar is that you want to label him as either "straight" or "gay" and are kinda fixated on that when you, yourself do not fit into either of these rigid boxes.


I think you should google the Kinsey scale. I think it may put your mind at ease a little bit.

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i'm really not confused about my sexuality. i like girls and i want to try out guys but i'm just not really comfortable going very far into that to quickly. and there is absolutely nothing wrong with cuddling with a gay guy. its just because HE labeled himself as strait. when we first started talking he told me that he is strait. not gay or bi or bi curious just strait. so its not the cuddling that bothers me. its the not knowing 100% if he was telling me the truth or not (being lied to and deceived is one of my biggest pet peeves)




i'm not gay. i can be bi or bi curious but i will always love giving a gorgeous girl a full body massage with oils and then having sex with her. i will never stop loving girls.

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Being gay or bi is more than just physical attraction, it's also emotional. Don't overthink thinks and just get to know this guy and act naturally. If you're attracted to him and feel comfortable, then he's the perfect guy to experiment with. Who cares what his label is... he could be as unsure as you are. Have fun.

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Wait....you're worrying whether some guy you hooked up with on craiglist is telling the truth?


its not whether he told the truth that i'm worrying about, its his intentions. some gay guys say they are strait so they can get other strait guys comfortable around them and then make a move. i just wanna know which it is

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You are very vague about what you are looking for, I think it is altogether possible you don't actually even know.


You are worried about that this guy is going to fool you into believing he is straight, and since you are straight, the sex that you are going to be having isn't going to be gay? Two buddies helping each other out.


My guess is you're both not telling the truth, you get to rationalize away your behavior, same sex attraction, denial is a powerful thing. If this is how you want to life your life, it is your choice.

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