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I was in a relationship with a beautiful girl for over seven years. She moved interstate to live with me after we met. Overall, our relationship was ok except for the fact that I didnt recognise issues with enough depth to correct them when required. Over the years all these little issues she kept inside somewhat until finally she had enough. When she had issue with my actions and me not correctly addressing them it build an unnessesary emotional wall between us.


I was always working for our security as she studied for her Psychologist degree with Honors. As time went on I was overworked, stressed and suffered anxiety. The anxiety made me uncapable of talking issues through with her and the issued created resentment that gave rise to her leaving me. The anxiety went cronic from this and I was a mess for 4 months. However, I fought on, I had to otherwise I would have gone broke. I know I wasnt a perfect partner, didnt always listen to her, consider her needs and be appreciative all the time. I became too focused on providing.


After begging and pleading for 4 months i got nowhere except to drive her away further and she kept saying I cant come back. I then went no contact. Two weeks into no contact she sent me a link on facebook about a show we used to watch and then a week later unblocked me on Facebook. (Probably b/c FB changed history options on wall privacy) Anyways after 3 more weeks of NC I contacted her to see if meet for coffee and she accepted.


When we met it was friendly, easy going and then she started talking about all the things I didn't do in the relationship and how she felt. I didnt bring it up and accepted all she had to say; I agreed with her on every point because it was all true. I know I did these things and know that I am not that type of person inside. I guesse we both felt unappreciated.


Onward, after 2 hours I left when I felt I was getting no where. I told her I could never treat her the way I had in the past again. There was no talk of reconciliation; it was more about just her feelings and how she couldn't go back. I accepted all she had to say, un-apposed. I then left and when home I FB message her saying that "She looked beautiful tonight, as always and thank you for your time, was good to catch up". I also suggested we get together in a week for dinner and she didn't object. When I was sitting with her, her father called on Skype and she didnt let on that I was there until her father said "have you heard from Heath". She didnt know what to do for a couple of seconds and then told him I was there. Hrmm, I wonder what she would have said to her father if I wasnt there.


She then replied, "Thanks but I don't want to give you the wrong impression of getting back together" i do sense she has some feelings left for me or am I confused between that and her harboring bad feelings but just being respectful. Or, does she need more time to heal.


So thats the meeting after NC and now I have no idea what to do now.


I love her and want only her. HELP......

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Sorry my friend, but its over. You want her back and she knows you wanted her back because of her last FB response. You have to really do NC and long enough that you start to forget about her. Seven years is a very very long time and its going to take time to get over her.

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