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Girlfriend angry at me


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Hi guys,


So I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for just over a year now. Generally things aren't to bad (There's a few issues there but I'm trying to deal with them).


Last night we were sitting down just finished dinner when she threw something at me and it hit me in the balls. Now this was really painful so I went off to lie down in bed for a bit (I had to lie down guys will know what I mean).


So after about an hour or so of lying down and recovering I got up and did the dishes (One of my nightly duties). I decided to go to bed after the dishes and noticed she was crying and didn't want me to touch her so I said 'I'm going to head off to bed, If you want to talk I'm in there' (I said this in a calm and relaxed tone so I wasn't being mean about it). So I went off to bed and she slept on the couch.


This morning I woke up and noticed she was still sad so I said 'Come here and give me a hug' She came and gave me a reluctant hug and called me a meanie then walked off.


I don't quite understand what happened here? I was the one hit in the balls so why is she so upset and angry at me? She doesn't want to talk about it at all

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Did she throw something at you in anger? Or in a playful way and hurt you accidentally?


If she was being playful, she did not mean to hurt you. She felt bad when you went away for an entire hour. Doing the dishes and then going away from her (while she was crying) was definitely passive-aggressive as well. Why didn't you talk to her on the spot?


She feels you are angry at her (not just recovering) and it was an accident.


You were kind of mean about it... if you were mad, you should have just spoken to her about it instead of make her feel like a terrible person.

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This puzzle is missing some pieces.. Why would she throw something at your jewels? Thats simply a no no unless you were going to harm her. Did it really take you an hour to recover from it? If it took me an hour I minus well take a ride to the hospital. So while you were doing the dishes she was crying without saying a word? The whole situation seems weird..

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Yeah I agree that some information is missing here. I'm guessing that she wasn't actually throwing something at you with the intention of hurting you and I'm guessing that you walked off slightly angry at her and left her stewing on her own for an hour. I think you both had some pent up emotions from lingering issues that meant you both reached in ways you needn't have.

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I'm pretty sure she was just doing it playfully.


I'm not to sure why it took and hour (usually doesn't take that long when she does it) but damn it was painful. I think it just hit a really sensitive spot.


Sorry should have clarified that a bit more. I noticed her crying straight after finishing the dishes (Thats when I went up to talk to her) but she really didn't want to talk so I said that I was going to go off to sleep and if she wants to talk I'm there. I was a little angry but more just sore and wanted some time to recover.


Maybe I should have persisted in asking her to talk about it then and there?

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Ok found out what the issue was.


The issue was that I had just got home from work and when she asked if I could do something for her I said to just give me half an hour to relax and unwind after work then ill be happy to.


Does that seem unreasonable? or should I be jumping to do it straight away?

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It seems perfectly reasonable to me that you would want to wind down for a while. Was she OK when you said you would do it later and did you do it later? If not perhaps that is why she got upset when you went to lay down for an hour and then went to bed later .. perhaps she thought it was avoidance. I'm not sure why that would upset her so as she only had to remind you or ask again. Still, this issue seems as though it is fixable.

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