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and everything falls apart....


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Sunday was a * * * * ty day...

I was nervous to go to school, fearing that we would never talk again...

But I was forced to and second period was a little awkward for me but then during 4th period we just casually exchanged conversations and it was fine.

Afterwards, as we were leaving class we coincidentally left at the same time and once we got out the door she started walking fast and went down the hallway and turned a corner she normally doesn't

This bothered me slightly because I wondered where she was going today but I did my best to put it behind me.

The rest of the day went find and right before 6th period we, again coincidentally, met and walked down the same way together.

We talked casually again and even exchanged a little laugh.


It felt good.

After sixth period, which was very fun time, because I was very social and laughing with friends and just had agreat time.

I went home after school and began texting me friend who is also really good friends with her.

We've been texting a lot because he's been helping me through this and so has his older brother who went through the exact same thing with this girls sister.

So whenever I need to talk they're both there, along with anothe friend, and it's really helped.

So we were basically talking all night and talking about the chemistry homework, and as I was getting ready for bed we were kind of talking about her and I was saying how I felt kind of bad that I was adding new people on facebook and being social and he said, "she doesn't care about you like that anymore, no offense, im sorry"

But surprisingly it didn't bother me so much. I told him and said did she tell you that?

and then he said, "no but she tells me about all these guys she likes and stuff"

And that was a * * * * ing bomb being dropped.

Everything thing that I had made some kind of peace with was broken and I felt like I'd just been dumped again.

He told me a little but said it didn't matter and the usual * * * * that everyone always says but...

I don't * * * * ing understand, she told me she didn't want a boyfriend....how can she do this? How can she "like a bunch of guys?"


she was so conservative and the way he put it made it seem as if she was promiscuous now, and we never had sex.

I had faced that fact that she COULD talk to guys and everything but not that she actually WOULD.

I don't know how to handle this anymore

People keep telling me the same thing and Im doing what I can but I dont see anything working

I broke the * * * * down and texted her after not for 2 days and I told her that I just need the truth because I haven't gotten that from her since we broke up.

She keeps telling me that we can have a face to face talk but keeps avoiding it and Im getting to that point where i cant wait anymore and i never want to talk to her again, and I dont want to reach that point....

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"Liking" is something else than "loving". You shouldn't worry too much about her right now. I know it fxxking sucks, my ex is all over other guys as well right now. It's kind of funny, knowing she's only trying to like other guys so she can get over me faster. It will kick her in the butt sooner or later though. You'll be alright. Just don't contact her. You will appear needy, clingy, and desperate in her eyes, which is really pushing her further away. Don't let your emotions control you.

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