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9 months later...he wants me back..drama filled adventure


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First I want to thank EVERYONE here that helped me during my time of complete despair after my ex broke up with me after a 7 year relationship. Here is an update for all you guys.


I did NC for 6-7 months and broke it because I missed my friend and felt like I was over him and could handle whatever he threw my way. Soon as I broke contact he asked for me to return his engagement ring back. I did as he asked & I felt very hurt by it and went NC again for about 2 months. He later contacted me and we went for dinner and drinks after work. It was fun; I did not know at this point that he had a girlfriend.


Weeks later he tells me he has a girlfriend and they have been together since he broke up with me. He swears that he didn't leave me for her but am I a fool to believe that?? (they have been working together for about a year)

We decided to meet up again but he cancelled and I later went on vacation with my new boyfriend to Florida.


When I returned we met up again for lunch. I find out his girlfriend is pregnant!

He tells me he is leaving his girlfriend and she is not keeping the baby...all in hopes of getting back with me.


I don't know what to do because I honest to God do not want to be with him. My new boyfriend is amazing and treats me like a Queen, granted we have only been together for 5 months but things are looking up.


I know how many of you feel but there is hope. If only he would of realized this months ago we would be back together & i guess there is still hope because anything can happen in the future.


Until next time!! feel free to ask questions

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A piece of you will always be with him and wondering if the relationship worked out. It looks like you have found a new boyfriend who is filling your needs as a person and as a partner.


He probably realizes he made a mistake with his new "ex" and sees you as being happy and stable- He wants that back at this point I believe.


If deep down you realize that you are on the right path then continue down that path and see where it takes you.


Good luck with everything!

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I agree with Zingzoom.. the whole "what if" senario..

You still may have a lil feelings for him, as you were with him for 7 years - now that is a long time....

Stay with your current boyfriend... If you ended on good terms with the ex, stay only as friends... only to be contacted through social networking sites... & if you ever run into each other at a party... say hi, interact... but nothing else.


You have moved on with your life, it's his fault he ended it with you and broke up with his last gf...



All the best

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I would be clear that you don't want him back right now. That he should not convince the girl to have an abortion just so he can chase after you. They/she should have the baby or put the baby up for adoption in the best interest of the child and in the best interest of whether the woman wants the baby - maybe she already made her choice, but the way it was phrased it sounded like it was in the same breath as your ex saying that "he is breaking up with her and wants you back." he needs to be by himself and properly heal form the break up with the other girl before even thinking of anything.


Honestly, I think the reason he is leaving her is because things got way more complicated all the sudden with her being pregnant. I mean, he left you and immediately picked up with someone else when the going got tough? You seem more free and easy right now. And it really puzzles me why he doesn't care that you have a boyfriend.


Honestly, I would forget about this guy and let him resolve his drama. If you are happy with your boyfriend, stay with him and have a happy dating, relationship or life.

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