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Don't Know what to do, needing suggestions

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I made a few posts a week ago about my breakup and that she is still communicating to me. Lately, most of this week. She keeps sending me emails about her saying she is not doing well and that the doctors are trying to "fix" her and that she feels like I need to know about it. Then i explained that her BF is more suited for this and kept my messages short. Then she freaked out saying that we're different people and I said I'm trying to distance myself from you to feel normal again. I'm trying to NC for awhile but she keeps managing to come back and I'm trying to cut her off. I think she's just trying to use me again like she used to so but i dunno maybe someone has good advice. I'm sure its just block her and ignore her but i'm trying to be friends with her but I think that may be a bad idea. She got mad when I told her to talk to the * * * * * * * she is dating know.

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