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I'm a Business man with a crush on a Mexican McDonald's Girl. Need Advice!


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I am a very successful business man, but I think I've just fallen in love with this Hispanic girl that works at a local McDonald's.


I have no problem talking in front of a board of directors of companies around the country, although I admit I've always been pretty shy around the ladies. Now whenever I see this girl, my tongue turns into leather and goosebumps goes all accross my skin.


She works in the back preparing meals, and we've never talked, but whenever I go in there she brightens up and kind of smiles at my shyly from where she's working, and we exchange eye contact off and on.


I have no idea to approach her. I don't even know if she speaks English. All I know is I don't like McDonald's food much, but I find myself going there for lunch every day just to see this girl again.


I think I'm going crazy.

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This is so "romantic", I thought this happens only in the movies. If you don t want to go and talk to her and maybe ask her out for a drink, maybe you should send her some flowers with the message you wrote in your last lines, that you don t like McD but you are going there all the time, just to see her, and you hope she will accept to go out with you on a date... see how she reacts... I would find it at least "interesting" and would consider to go out with you... so try it! Good luck!!!

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You should send her a note and ask when her next break is so that you two can grab some coffee at the McCafe. (...really biting my tongue here ... )


But seriously, nothing ventured, nothing gained. You have a crush. Either you act on it or you pine away. You may be disappointed to find out that you have little in common with her, but unless she's married or she knows some dangerous people, then you probably have nothing to worry about by expressing your interest.


ETA: ROFLMAO, guynextdoor.

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Go to mcdonalds with roses and ask cashier to give it to her. If anthing she will talk to you right after.

This is a good idea. I would do 1 rose, with phone # and short note attached. How about, "I don't really like McD food. How can I see you without coming here? Drinks? Dinner?"

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I would not do the roses thing. That would freak me out. Just wave hello to her when you see her. If she fried your fries or prepared your burger, ask the cashier what the woman's name is, and then thank her by name. You have to start with baby steps because you don't want a physical infatuation - you want to know the real woman. There is no hope if you can't break the ice. If you say hello to her on a regular basis, etc, you will be close enough to see if there is a ring on her finger, etc, and if she speaks English, etc.If you don't get to know her at least that very very minimum, she won't know who sent the roses, etc. But in this day and age, it is seen as stalkerish to send flowers to someone you never went out with, don't even know their name, etc, and it could cause trouble for her at work, esp if she is married and her husband doesn't take kindly to it. She could be married and not wear the ring at work for safety working with equipment also.

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