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this girl talks to my bf a lot...


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this is a girl whom my bf thinks has a crush on him.they work together and she is pretty helpful so my bf likes to work with her. and they became friends cuz of this as well. and they start to talk more and more,even after work, about something what i think is just silly and ridiculous.

for example today she texted my bf just to tell him she's home safe (from work. and it was 4 pm,still day time). and couple of hours later she texted him again asking him what shoud she have with bourbon,a coke or pepsi?

i indirectly asked my bf what he thinks about her,and from his answer he doesnt think about her in that way. Ive seen her as well, not physically attractive but i dont know about her personality. nice? i suppose.

i guess i got jealous? im not really comfortable with the whole situation but am not sure if i shouldnt be worried? how would it make you guys feel?any advice?

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She clearly has some kind of interest in him. But don't be the jealous gf, just trust him. Show you're secure within yourself, and not threatened. A self confident chick who's unaffected is hot and your bf will love that you're not the crazy ultimatum type lol.

so she does like him? i dont like it lol

and a tiny part of me is afraid my bf will develop feelings for her,if they are such good friends.

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Just because he's a boy and she's a girl doesn't mean their private parts will be magnetically drawn to each other. And yeah, she likes him. Could you see one of his guy friends sending those texts? You're home safe...what should you mix in your drink...like I care, right? I agree with lalalollipops. If he's that easily led astray, wouldn't you want to know that sooner, rather than later?

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what should i expect from telling him this? that he will stop talking to her? but it seems unlikely..

first i want to know you guys' opinions as to if she really likes him. and second i wouldn't mind them to stop talking.

now he thinks she likes him, though he seems is not responding to it, he also isnt distanting himself from her(hence they still talk quite often).

while i agree that if he easily swings he isnt worth it but it seems too passive for me..i would rather do something proactively,if i could. but i dont know how

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All you can do is tell him that it makes you feel uncomfortable when she texts during your time together. If I was friendly with a guy I worked with I doubt I would be texting him when I knew he could be at home with his wife or gf, even if it was just silly stuff .. just out of fear of causng any bad feeing. Thats not to say any of them are doing anything wrong of course but if he really thinks she has got a crush on him and therefore her contact makes you feel uneasy then it won't do any harm for him NOT to encourage her. You could say that whilst you don't wish for him never to speak to her again (impossible when they work together anyway) you would nevertheless like it if she could respect that he has a gf.

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It's really down to trust; it's irrelevant as to whether she likes him (which she obviously does), but much more important as to whether HE likes HER. It doesn't sound as though he's attracted to her, and I'm also guessing she's probably a bit lonely if she's texting him about her drink!


If we are with a partner who's attractive, it's inevitable that other people will be attracted to them, too. This does not mean at all that they are going to cheat. A long-term partner of mine had a female friend who he'd known for years, who fancied him something rotten. He enjoyed her company, but that was it. Whenever I met her, she would try to hint to me that the relationship between him and her was a lot more than it actually WAS. I used to laugh with him about it, in an 'Awwwww' sort of way.


I have no doubt that he felt flattered by her attentions, but there was no way he was going to do anything sexual. It doesn't sound as though your guy is, either. I'd let them carry on talking; it sounds as though he's sharing this stuff with you anyway. It doesn't sound as though anything untoward's going on, and he probably sees no need to distance himself from someone he considers a friendly acquaintance - as he doesn't have any feelings for her.


If I were you I'd tease him about it, make a joke of it and be friendly towards her if you ever meet. This really doesn't sound like something you need to worry about!

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