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How do I help my friend?


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This is just hurting my heart. I'm doing everything I can think of, and just one of those things is to ask you guys for advice.


Long story short: My friend tried to kill herself four days ago. Most of her life has been beyond rough, and she's having a breakdown complete with nightmares and flashbacks and (she has DID) times when she's basically not in control of herself. She doesn't think she'll make it through the next month or two (it'll take that long to refill her antidepressants) without committing suicide. She's just... tired. I live 10 hours away with no chance of moving or visiting. (clarification: she lives with her lovely boyfriend, so I'm not trying to deal with this alone)


What do I do? I can tell her she's beautiful, and incredible, and that she's stronger than she thinks but that she doesn't have to fight this alone... I tell her that there's a whole lot of people that care a heck of a lot about her. ---She says she knows, but that she just doesn't care. She's tired, tired of the nightmares and the depression and the flashbacks and tired of her past and tired of her life now. Just. TIRED.


What can I do? Please, any idea might literally be her lifesaver.

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