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is he bored of me?


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i have a fiance and i love him to death.



he says, "i love you" to a lot of close friends of his that are girls and they say it back, i get a little agitated but i never say anything because i thought it was silly because they seemed to be good friends.

then for a

while he was still in contact with his ex, always complaining about her

saying how crazy she is.



a very close and good friend of mine that was a guy texted me and said, "i

love you" because i say it to all my good friends and they say it back. he

threw a complete fit about it and got pissed and just acted totally




so we got over that and everything, but then like every time i talk to a guy hes gotta know EXACTLY whats being said, hes even told me it bothers him that i talk to other guys and that i have no need to talk to other guys when hes not around. but he's constantly hanging out with girls.


also, when we go on a site, there's a "secret admirer" thing, if i DARE look at the guys who "like" me then i get * * * * * ed at, but hes allowed to look at the girls ALL he




then one night he went to a friends and i told him that he could drink, but i wasn't gonna because i don't enjoy drinking, so he KNEW i didn't care. he came back

tipsy and sat there and outright LIED to me about drinking. i smelled it on his breath and told him so he wouldn't get in trouble, so he got agitated and went on a rant that he didn't drink. so i finally got it out of one of his roommates that he "accidentally" had some, that the guys had told him it was just cranberry juice. and THEN my guy comes and tells me that he did have a few shots.



then we were gonna go to the movies, he wanted to see a

movie I'm totally not into and i wanted to see a movie that he didn't wanna see, so i told him he could go with the guys. then i asked a friend of mine if he'd go with me and when my guy found out he FLIPPED. i told him it was

okay that he could go see the one movie with his friends, but he kept saying that "we need to go to the movies together" and stuff.

so i was jokingly texting a guy friend and sent him a picture of my rack, i had clothes on and everything, it was a low cut shirt, i have rather large boobs and

EVERYONE loves them, anyways, i put, "something you'll NEVER get" later that night my fiance used my cell and he found it, ran in and threw the phone at me and declared, "its over!" and ran off.



so anyways, i had a huge breakdown and in the end ended up in the hospital and he came and stayed as long as possible and stuff. then when i got out he asked me to marry him, i

told him yes. so i haven't been able to be at school for a while and he lives on campus and i cant go on campus right now, so now he's alone.


he hardly EVER calls me. NEVER texts me, he'll see me for MAYBE 2 hours, only on the weekends, and all we do if have sex.



also for a while we've been talking about a

3some, I'm bisexual so i thought it'd be fun. although I've done it before and it turned out REALLY bad. so i do worry, so i thought that I'd find a girl that was clean, but a girl we didn't know at all. so yesterday he said he found

a girl that he thought would be good. so I'm a little nervous.



then today i was able to go see him and i met up with him, he had bought a couple things, he always gets me things. so anyways, i went over to him and he saw a girl and called her over, hes like, "did you call me?" shes like, "i

yelled and then i called" they hugged, I'm like whatever, but then she kinda hung onto him. so i said hello and hes like, "its my girl" and she immediately let go and made a quick exit, said she had to do something.


so him and i go

sit down and talk a few minutes, hes just like, "I'm so tired" but he always says he has to get off the phone to go to sleep early.



also about a month ago he kept asking me, "are you falling out of love with me?"






"do i make you happy?"






"am i still able to turn you on?"



he looks over my shoulder at some of my conversations sometimes.



i love him more then anything, i never wanna be without him.



he's been asking more and more about getting another girl to have a

threesome, which I'm fine with, but, he's getting a little pushy about




he yelled at my friend who i used to be very close to because my friend texted me saying, "i love you" and so my boyfriend yelled at him, i tell

ALL my friends i love them.



but yet he's able to show me all these girls hes slept with and tell me how much they wanted him and crap. he's always looking at girls and admiring them, but if i even say hi to a guy, he gets pissed.



anyways, his

friends constantly tell me that I'm ALL he talks about and that he LOVES me,

but they don't tell me what he tells them about me.



should I be worried?

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Let me ask you this...


10 years from now, do you really want a relationship like this and married to a man that treats you like this? Because once you tie the knot...it will be 10 times worse.


I guess you like being emotionally abused and controlled, maybe that bad boy you are engaged to is just completely above any other man out there who would treat you with respect and love you without being so compulsively jealous? Maybe his acting out makes you think he is just so in love with you and will never do anything to hurt you?


Sorry, but this seems like a Sam and Ronny relationship from jersey shore.

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I really, really want to come down on this guy because he sounds just completely unreasonable... but... I can't! Even though his actions are unreasonable - your actions are equally unreasonable. Why are you telling other people that you love them? When you throw those words around to everybody, they lose their meaning. Why are you sending pics of your rack to other men? The words "you'll never get this" does not justify your actions.


I'm not saying he's innocent... but if you want a respectful relationship, you also have to be respectful of his feelings as well.


I think that marrying this man is a very bad idea.

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