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Interview but maybe screwed it up already?


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Well if you have been reading my threads, I have been stressing out over a job i really want and didn't hear back from. Turns out they want me to come in for a second interview.


I didn't have the best of luck today though..i have some vmails saved due to personal reasons and business..i was at work and at a meeting and an employer called and left a vmail and then literally 2 minutes later I see the job I want called and the vmail was full at that time which I didn't think it would be. It just seemed ironic they called 2 minutes after and they couldn't leave a message.


I felt anxious..i called back and left a vmail explaining Hi. Ms. last name, this is full name----I am returning your call and I think you may have called me at this time b/c i see a missed call from this number. I said I am sorry and that I received a few vmail's this morning that filled up my mailbox and if you want call me back at


I felt a little flustered etc with this vmail and I hope i didn't do anything where they will use it againt me.


I kept my eye on the phone at work and then someone decided to basically talk to me when that employer calls! I never did this before but I decided to say I really need to take this call, I'm sorry i'll be right back. I knew they would understand. I didn't want to play phone tag and make HR's life harder. I answered while walking away but couldn't speak too freely..she couldn't hear me too well and she said can I talk? and i said yes, one second, i didn't want to miss your call.


So again, I feel like I am all flustered..she said she wants me to come in again to meet with another person. I agreed saying that's great and thanked her saying her first name. I definitely sounded very happy when i said thank you..i hope it wasn't overboard.


Is it weird I went from saying Ms. so and so in my vmail to using her first name? She doesn't seem ALOT older where i would feel its disrespectful to say her first name, i felt weird calling her otherwise.


I just hope its not used against me how flustered and hard it was b/c I am at work..i can't pick up right away



I just feel like it was alot of bad luck today.


Will something like this be used against me? Its hard to do all of this while working

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haha dont worry. you are fine. my boss actually told me when I got the job to "stop" calling him "Mr." he told me that we were on another level now and that I earned the right to call him by his first name. HR knows that interviews are stressful. They are humans too. They understand what its like and how you need this job. They won't count it against you. I promise you that. You are fine kid. Just relax. I know what its like to do the whole waiting game.. and oh.. did i mess this up? or that? OMG i totally blew it!.. I was just like that.. its normal to be tense and nervous, HR knows that too. Calm down lol.

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thanks..its hard not to stress..i felt honestly i could have sounded a little more composed..it was hard to explain on vmail how i think it might have been them that called and sorry for my vmail being full etc etc


and then it was hard when she was answering hello? and asking if i am able to talk..i just hope she understands i didn't want to miss her call and then have to call her back etc.

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Next time if you say you are free to talk say "I am at work right now, may I call you back in 15 minutes when I have a break?" Or add 5-10 minutes to when you are having your next break. Interviewers understand that you are at work and respect if you are interviewing and looking for a job on the down low. It is better than mumbling. And it shows that you respect your job, as they would want you to respect theirs. But that's just me.

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It depends on the job and the company. I have said, "I am at work and am not free to talk to you right now. I will call you back in ----minutes." I have gotten the ob when I said that as it showed I could think on my feet without getting rattled. They most likely will not hold it against you because once I got overexcited on the phone and got hire because of my enthusiasm.

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