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Romantic Bath Ideas


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My bf is going away to see his family in another country for 10 days this Thursday. We've been dating for 3.5 months (age gap 17 years). Anyways we got intimate for the first time last night, and it was wonderful. I want to do something romantic for him before he leaves, so I am thinking a romantic bubble bath. I bought tons of tea candles, white wine, chocolate, strawberries and ofcourse bubble bath. This is the first time I am ever doing a bubble bath for anyone, so I am nervous and excited. Anything I've left out? any ideas on music? (some play list i can find on youtube and just have play in the background??)


Thanks everyone


ps: I think we should have a forum for romantic ideas/dates etc...

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i agree with the forum for romantic ideas!! lol

to me it sounds great, can i come over??

i once planned all this out for my BF, turns out he doesn't like baths.....lol

i would add a long back rub afterwards that'll turn into more...

as for music, my Bf got me into Leonard Cohen recently, i like it.....lol but depends on yours and his taste.....

while he is in the tub you can fed him the strawberries....but i doubt he'll be in there by himself for long.....

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Thanks Sara, lol the bath is actually for the two of us, lol will two people fit in the tub? lol I've never tried before, luckily we're both relatively small. He mentioned a few times about showering together so I think bath will be fine. Leonard Cohen is such a good idea, i can't believe i didn't think of it, he is 47 so it's totally his era and i know he already likes a few of those songs.

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if you are both small, it might fit, nice idea, lay behind him and then wrap your arms and legs around him, and caress his chest, make it all dreamy and romantic and sensual, feed him, whisper in his ear.....oooohhh getting hot in here....where can i find a bath big enough??? lol it sounds amazing and i'm sure he will love it!!

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He is the romantic one in the relationship, so I know he won't be expecting this at all he likes (and now so do i) dance me to the end of love This is really the first romantic thing I will be doing for him since we've started dating, and its really the first time I've done a bath, I was saving this fantasy for someone really special keep the ideas coming lol

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this is so cool!!i love it....my Bf got me into Leonard Cohen as well......he played me a thousand kisses deep, put it on repeat and we made love, guess where my mind is when i play that song lol!! i got lots of romantic ideas....i keep surprising my BF all the time, am now busy with sending him a text each day with a small instruction that he has to do or bring when he gets here friday haha....i once surprised him by wearing silk stockings and a garter belt, he went nuts....told him to close his eyes and then painted him with chocolate body paint and licked it off, as a way to get into my first ever bj....i cook him often food from his home country....bedroom filled with hunders of candles and rose petals and then go downstairs to go and get him, wearing nothing but sexy lingerie, say nothing, take his hand and guide hm upstairs...he didn't know what to say LOL!! and each time he gets very emotional....

and if he is romantic i know he will greatly appreciate this!! you will blow his mind LOL

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