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Potential Complicated Situation Long After Break Up

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Hi all


So I have been slowly getting myself back from my BU last year. A bit of a back story - my ex lives about 15 miles away and we don't have any mutual connections at all so good right - well read on? I met this new chick who I have just started seeing and she lives smack bang where my ex lives. Now that is not the problem really I am worried about - this is - the new chick is originally from where I stay and went to my school etc so we talk about people we went to school with, people we know from our area, so I was on FB and had a look at her friends to see what old faces I could see and who pops up as a FB friend of her's but a guy friend of my EXs, not only that he is the guy I suspected she was seeing, and who I accused her of seeing, and who she said to me she spent festive season with. I don't know if that was to get a dig at me (saying she spent festive season with him) to make me pissed but she said that before I accused her of seeing him; she then said oh nothing happened etc - oookkkaaayy.


Now I have only just started seeing this new girl and I do not know where it is going to go yet but if we end up seeing more of each other then depending on what this guy knows he may find out I am seeing this new chick and possibly feed back false and misleading info about me to her (the new girl). I do not know what this guy knows about me and my ex, maybe she said nothing about me accusing her of seeing him behind my back, maybe she said everything I do not know. I am thinking I should not end up FB friends with this new girl but she may add me and I would have to tell her why I do not want to be added.


Then she may see me as being dishonest with something to hide or mine him for more info, in which case he may spin a catalogue of lies or something. I just do not know yet. I guess it all hinges on me being FB friends with here, which I will avoid at all costs but say she mentions to him Oh I am seeing xyz and tells my ex, my ex way decide to throw a spanner in the works. I can really imagine it happening, she is crude that way.


I also remember my ex always talking about him and things they done like go out and stuff with other people they know, so this new chick may even know my of ex.....eek!


Any thoughts on how to handle this if it does get complicated? Obviously I know the best thing for now is to keep my mouth zipped but just trying to think if anything does get found out.



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I think you are looking wayyyyyyy too far into this. I have facebook friends on my page that I literally never talk to. The majority of them are just acquaintances. Just because this new girl is friends with this guy on facebook, does not mean that they speak regularly - if at all. Just relax.

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