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Its FB, you can post whatever you want as a profile pic. I'm sure there are people who post pics of themselves 5yrs ago or pics of their kids. Unless you are using FB as a dating site?


agreed. many people do not post photos of themselves on facebook. or they only use a few photos. some people have a landscape or their pet as their profile pic. no big deal. however, i would go to real dating sites instead of using facebook. i generally only friend people i know in real life, or have some connection to in some way.

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I agree with annie24, I would probably not use Facebook as a dating site. On a real dating site -- like Match or one of those -- I would probably post several different pics -- one of just my face, one of my whole body (tasteful, of course -- fully dressed in a tasteful way!), one of me doing something I enjoy doing (traveling, some sort of sport I enjoy, etc.) I think this cuts down on the issue of people saying "You don't look ANYTHING like your picture!" Or "You looked a lot thinner/taller/less bald/etc. in your picture!" I am about 20 pounds overweight, but quite fit regardless, and I'd want prospective dates to see that I am not skinny -- this would probably eliminate those prospective dates who want a really thin woman.


My FB picture, currently, is of my entire body, sitting down, but I've had only pics of my face, pics of me from far away, pics of my pet, etc. I think on FB you can have anything you want and it's fine (as long as it's tasteful!) but if you're trying to use it as a dating site, your pictures should look like you and should probably be a range of different types of pics. I really think FB doesn't make a good dating site, though...not that I've tried it, but...I don't know...I'd probably use a real dating site instead if I were going to try to meet people online.

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I use Facebook maybe once every three or four months, but I've never bothered to even put a picture of myself in the profile. I put up abstract images like one in my profile here. It all comes down to preference. My friends know what I look like, so I don't feel the need to spam the internet masses with private photos.

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