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Hurting real bad tonight.

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Feels like there's unfinished business. I can't let go. She made me wait two months over the summer telling me she would be back soon. We texted everyday and skyped.


I feel like I waited for months for her return. I waited to see her smile again. I waited to see the way she looks into my eyes. What I got instead is my heart torn and I don't know why. 7 weeks after BU and I still feel like this. Like I was given so many promises that all meant nothing. What sucks is that I can't even feel hatred towards her for what she did to me. I feel so weak.

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All normal feelings bro.

You'll feel better soon.

It's a brutal thing that happened to you but with time you will learn to forgive her and move on.

People can do such cruel things when they are confused but you just have to pity them for not being strong enough to keep true on their promises.


You will get better.

You will heal.

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Im going to be blunt.

She was cheating on you and she thinks that she is too good for you.

If you really want this chick or any chick for that matter you got to play the game.

Treat her like you don't NEED her and that you can easily go on without her. Don't treat her like a princess because it's not doing you or her any good.

Be a man.

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