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Worried about STD !


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Last night I was invited to a friends pool party. Everything was ok until I ended up getting drunk, and another drunk girl started making out with me. later I found out that she was tested positive for an STD 5 years ago. I asked her is that's true, and she said yes, but has been on medications. She failed to mention which kind of STD.


I got crazy paranoid and left the party right away. Am I in risk of an STD, should I get a test done?


I am a clean healthy 28 yr male, havnt had sex since last 9 months..please help!



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I think it's highly unlikely that you can get any kind of std from kissing someone. That's why people with std's are only obligated to tell you if they plan on sleeping with you- kissing people is something they can do without having to say anything. If you have the money go ahead and get tested for all std's if it makes you feel better but really, it's nearly impossible to get std's from people that way. you'd both have to have open wounds on your lips, and even then it'd still be unlikely.

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